Team Challenge


Strength comes in numbers!  Become part of a team to help you and others get through the obstacles and support the children of Big Bear Valley.

Obstacles on the Bear is the perfect Mother’s Day present - a mother/daughter bonding opportunity.

Create Your Team

If you are the first member of your team to register, choose the third option, “Team Captains” and become the team captain.  Five people make a team.  You can then pick your team name.  Let your potential team members your team name and they register under the second option, “Team Members” under your team name.

Then get creative with a team costume or theme so you stand apart!

Challenge Other Teams

You can compete against other teams to finish first or by accomplishing all obstacles as a team.

And you can challenge each other to who can raise the most amount of money in the form of pledges.  This is a fundraiser where the proceeds go right back to Stop Teen Violence Program, funding of Healthy Start and Health aides, and the mentoring program for middle school girls called S*TEAM.

Click here for the OOTB Pledge Form.pdf

Tips To Raise $500 (or more) in 10 Days

Day 1   Sponsor yourself for $25

Day 2   Ask 2 family members to donate $25 each

Day 3   Ask 5 friends to contribute $20

Day 4   Ask 5 co-workers to contribute $10

Day 5   Ask 5 neighbors to contribute $10

Day 6   Ask 5 people from your place of worship to contribute $1

Day 7   Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50 (better yet, find out if your Company will match all of what you raise!)

Day 8   Ask 2 businesses or companies that you deal with through work to contribute $25

Day 9   Ask businesses you frequent to personally contribute $15 (hair salon, dry cleaner, favorite restaurant)

Day 10   Hold a fundraiser

Teams - Funds Raised

Team Summit Dental - $220

BodyTek Team 1 - $385

Chicks Against Teen Violence - $165

BodyTek’s Biggest Losers (Winners) - $440

Baldwin Babes - $330

Team Mexico - $220

Stellar - $55

Big Bear Crossfit - $275